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11:51:59title= Andre Rieu - Geen House Maar Strauss.mid
11:51:48Slovenia Kaoma - Lambada 1.mid
11:51:40Slovenia Europe - The Final Countdown.mid
11:51:14Spain Opus - Live Is Life 3.mid
11:51:11Slovenia Coldplay - Viva La Vida.mid
11:50:41title= Andre Rieu - Carnaval De Venise.mid
11:50:15title= Andre Rieu - Strauss Party.mid
11:49:45Germany Barclay James Harvest - Hymn.mid
11:47:40title= Andre Rieu - The Second Waltz.mid
11:36:34Czech_Republic Kinks - Sunny Afternoon 2.mid
11:36:16Czech_Republic Rubettes The - Sugar Baby Love.mid
11:28:49Netherlands Cliff Richard - Living Doll 1.mid
11:26:48United_Kingdom The Champs - Tequila 2.mid
11:23:34title= The Crowd - You`ll Never Walk Alone.mid
11:23:09France Kiss - Shout It Out Loud.mid
11:22:50France Kiss - iwmfly.mid
11:22:37France Kate Bush - army.mid
11:22:20Russian_Federation Rubettes The - Sugar Baby Love.mid
11:22:14France King Carole - It`S Too Late2.mid
11:22:04United_Kingdom Teleac Rockschool & Styles - Chicago Shuffle Blues Rock `n Roll Style.mid
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