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20:05:34Belgium JohnLennon - Isolation.mid
20:04:17Belgium I Musica Napoletani - O Solo Mio.mid
20:03:39Italy Liquido - Narcotic.mid
20:01:12Germany Pur - Indianer.mid
20:00:28France Johnny Hollyday - Le Bon Vieux Temps Du Rock En Roll.mid
19:56:49Italy Wham - Last Christmas.mid
19:55:19Germany Billy Joel - My Life 2.mid
19:55:18Germany Billy Joel - My Life 3.mid
19:55:15Germany Billy Joel - My Life 1.mid
19:55:09Germany Billy Joel - My Life.mid
19:53:53Austria Vico Torriani - La Pastorella.mid
19:53:40Italy Jazz StandardsDiversen - Misty 1.mid
19:52:43title= Sandra - One More Night.mid
19:52:17Germany Tina Turner - Simply The Best.mid
19:52:10title= Sandra - Heaven Can Wait.mid
19:41:26title= Coldplay - Viva La Vida.mid
19:40:02Poland James Scott - Quality A High Class Rag.mid
19:35:07Slovakia George Baker Selection - Una Paloma Blanca 1.mid
19:33:35Netherlands Freddy Quinn - Aloha A He.mid
19:33:20Slovakia George Baker Selection - Una Paloma Blanca 3.mid
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