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01:06:04Japan Sergei Rachmaninov - Etude in E Flat Minor Opus 39 Nr 5.mid
01:02:52title= Anka Paul - Put Your Head On My Shoulder.mid
01:01:58France Cabrel Francis - La Corrida.mid
00:55:38France The O`Jays - Love Train 1.mid
00:54:32France The O`Jays - Love Train 2.mid
00:52:33France Toto - Africa 3.mid
00:52:31France Toto - Africa 2.mid
00:52:28France Toto - Africa 1.mid
00:51:37France Lavoine Marc - Les Yeux Revolvers.mid
00:51:20France The K. L. F - What Time Is Love.mid
00:50:03France Toto - Rosanna 2.mid
00:49:59France Toto - Rosanna 1.mid
00:46:17United_States Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From My Friends.mid
00:45:33France Telephone - Un Autre Monde.mid
00:45:31France Ten Sharp - You 2.mid
00:45:29France The K. L. F - Justified And Ancient.mid
00:43:33Switzerland Stevie B - Because I Love You.mid
00:41:46United_States Sound Of Music ( The ) - My Favorite Things.mid
00:39:04United_States Ice MC - Think About The Way.mid
00:38:04France The K. L. F - What.mid
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